Legless in Burgundy

The Pitch: Chi sono io?

Well, on 28th February 2008 I had my Saul on the road to Damascus moment. In fact, it was a car speeding in the opposite direction, hitting me and my beautiful racing bike directly, leaving me permanently “Legless in Burgundy”.

I am a wine broker for a French négoçiant en vins fins. My forced sabbatical has caused me to reflect on wine and my own direction within it. I have decided that I want to go back to my wine roots, to return to what I feel wine is really about: sharing and discovering wines, trading opinons, epicurean pleasure and gleaning knowledge of even a trivial nature.

This well inhabited universe of wine is crammed to breaking point with opinons and the opinionated, and it’s time for me to contribute too. Whether it’s the Wine Spectator or Decanter, everyone wants to club you with their view and their particular taste: Parker is right, Suckling is wrong, and so it goes on ad nauseam.

But in wine there is not one way, only a myriad of opportunities.

So in these pages I hope to throw in my own thoughts and experiences, offering these freely to anyone prepared to listen.

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