Bu sur le Web:

Bu sur le web features the Montreal’s most deliciousness, Aurealia, with that mesmerising accented and painted fingernails tasting her way through an array of always great and off the generally beaten track wines. It’s a little quirky, unpretentious and fun. Vive le Quebec libre!


Tim Atkins, MW:

I have met Tim, once, though he won’t remember, on a cold Pariisian night at Juvenile’s near the Palais Royal. As wine critic’s go, he is less belligerent than most in his opinions, and a fine photographer and general good man.



The London International Vintners Exchange, to give it its full title, is a professional site for wine traders from around the globe. Thirteen years on, it is the source for detailed, up to the minute information on the state of the wine market. You need to be in the trade to trade, as it were, but you can subscribe to various elements as a private individual. Of principle interest to serious collectors and investors, it is informative, if rather humourless. You can freely access their daily blogs and they sometimes leave the realm of the purely technical, and the daily market updates can be wryly amusing…


The Wine Library TV:

To Aurelia’s blonde beauty comes Gary Vaynerchuk’s Beast. They started this years ago, and such is Gary’s commercial weight and media savvy omnisence that everyone from Randall Grahm and Kermit Lynch to her saintliness Jancis Robinson have been on there at some point. Notable absence’s would be Robert Parker and James Suckling…but that can be of no surprise, and perhaps a relief.

It is off the wall, and in your face, but I like his style, and Vaynerchuk has undoubtedly done much to break down the barriers of wine snobbery. A laudable effect.


Jancis Robinson:

Her Saintliness Jancis Robinson MW hosts the Purple pages as well as contributing wine reviews to the Financial Times, not to mention her outstanding  Oxford Companion to Wine. All of these are consultable through http://www.Jancis Robinson.com, which I note is currently offering, la cries oblige, monthly access as opposed to and in addition to an annual subscription. Personable, erudite and precise. And she’s not afraid of a fight either – anyone remember Parker vs. Robinson, and Chateau Pavie 2003? Quite right too.


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