Perfide Albion

Albion - William Blake

Albion – William Blake

As you may or may not know, my own wine negoçiant firm is called Albion; it’s a little clin d’oeil to coals, Newcastle and the historic Gaulois view of the British as perfidious. What could be more strange than an Englishman selling wine in Burgundy, and mostly Italian wine at that?

My lawyer and close friend Magali likes to remind me, often, that l’anglais est fourbe (the Englishman is untrustworthy). It is then ironic that I have never found an adequate French translation of the word disingenuous.

There isn’t one.  Disingenuous or what?

disingenuous |ˌdisinˈjenyo͞oəs|adjectivenot candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.DERIVATIVESdisingenuously adverb,disingenuousness noun

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