A Message to you Rudy…

paul-jaboulet-aine-hermitage-la-chapelle-rhone-france-10251948The most hilariously ironic thought just occurred to me concerning Rudy Kurniawan, he of newly orange jump-suited fame.

I sold him wine twice, and I can absolutely vouch for the provenance and veracity of both, a magnum of Romanée Conti (I can’t remember the vintage) and a cache of bottles and magnums of 1978 Hermitage La Chapelle from Jaboulet.

Now the irony is this: although the labels were in a parlous state having spend twenty five years in a damp cellar in the North of England, the bottles themselves were impeccable, with perfect levels and pristine capsules. Furthermore, Jaboulet had agreed to replace the labels aand restore the bottles to perfection.

However, being of solid French peasant stock (with all the moral fibre of that ilk), and learning that I worked for Caveau de la Tour*, Michel Jaboulet renegued on the deal and left me with rather less than the beautiful bottles I had foreseen.

But Rudy, Dr. Conti and Counterfeiter extraordinaire stepped up and paid me relatively top dollar for these bona-fide bottles. On the evidence of what the FBI found at his home  one might suspect that Rudy K redressed the situation himself.

So, if back in 2006 you bought a cache of La Chapelle ’78 from Dr. C, even if the labels looked suspiciously new, I can guarantee that the wine was genuine. Let that be a relief!

So Rudy, if your judge reads this, maybe he can take a little of your good faith and give you a couple of weeks off.

* It is true that regarding my relationship with my erstwhile employers today, i would probably do the same!

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