Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore

I suppose it was the combination of her classic English rose allure and The Daily Telegraph that led me to unreasonable prejudice; but I had never really read any thing by the Telegraph’s wine critic very seriously. Then last week I discovered she has published an interesting little book: How to Drink.

Far from being the rather pompous hectoring tome you might expect from someone at that Tory organ, I thinks it’s actually rather good. It covers or tries to cover everything from Hot Chocolate to Dry Martinis to a wine for all seasons.

Is there anything more important in life than a good martini?

And she’s not afraid to put the cat amongst the pigeons either as this blog post from shows.

For the record, I entirely agree with her, not least when you consider the recent auctions of Alex Ferguson’s cellar which included parcel lots of wine and football shirts…say what?

Her own blog is clean, humble and tentacular. Just the way I like it.

There seems much to like so apologies for the disrespect.


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