The taste of things to come…

…and his supper was still hot.

…and his supper was still hot.

Like Max in “Where the Wild Things are” my nights are sailing into days and the days into weeks. In this quasi-delirium relief comes not in salvation, but salivation.

The thoughts of delights to come keeps me perky, and I have decided. The first dinner when I leave here will start with roasted marrow bones on toast. Marrow bones are a gluttony so delicate and so satisfying that I think they weigh in well above foie gras.

Miam! Miam!

Miam! Miam!

I was checking out this recipe, a shortened of Fergus Henderson’s at London’s St John. It will be accompanied by a very fine dry Riesling from Alsace, Weinbach or Zind Humbrecht perhaps, or if I am feeling particularly mad, a bottle of Clos Ste. Hune.

No, a bottle of Clos Set. Hune it will definitely be. It’s been fifteen years since I tasted the 1990, and like l’Oréal, I’m worth it.

And Ste. Hune? Well, she was a sixth century nun during the Frank era in ancient Burgundy. Born into to a “famille noble mais désunie“, she was banished to the kitchens, then married of to a “noble brutal“. Preserving her chastity, Sainte Hune got herself to  a nunnery and dedicated her life to God and menial tasks. She died c. 700 around the age of 100.

Trimbach's magical Clos St. Hune

Trimbach’s magical Clos St. Hune

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