Rudy goes down, some thoughts…

Fom Los Caprichos, Goya

Fom Los Caprichos, Goya

So Rudy is sent down for ten years; I suppose he’ll be out in five if he behaves. Fair enough.

I can’t see much of that $48 million and change being recovered though. Tough justice for those spoilt millionaires who were suckered with their more money than sense.

Humble pie is a tasteless dessert for many who brag and show off their knowledge of fine wines such as the 12 Angry Men and even certain esteemed critics, duped by the criminal skill of a single man. It has been noted that much of the true fakery and losses will never be known as many collectors feel too embarrassed to exhibit their gullibility. That at least shows a little discretion and class.

And the other criminals…vendors, brokers and auction houses? Guilty as charged, to a man, and guilty if of nothing else of wanton intellectual negligence and consummate greed. They will, however, not swing as Kurniawan swings.

But to read some, Kurniawan is the embodiment of evil itself. Oh, please!

In today’s world of the über-rich and über-decadence his crimes are a drop in the ocean. A relative few lost money and had their noses put out of joint in their lust for luxury. Is that so bad? I mean, nobody died.

I think the corporate criminality of Bernie Madov, Enron, World Com et al are far worse.

They write dramatically, and here a  little illiterately, that the fine wine world has been changed forever and the repercussions felt for decades to come. You have to say that looking back Kurniawan has, arguably, done us a favor. All the better then.

At least the wronged here could afford it; Koch and Co. still have their shirts, just a little less pride. Compare that to the victims of Enron.

So context please, because balance in justice, just as it is in wine, is everything.


And this from the BBC if you want to take up Rudy’s mantle.

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