Once more into the breach…

Legless in Burgundy

10135199tSo in a moment of deep boredom I ordered myself a Coravin on Monday afternoon. It arrived all the way from Kentucky on Wednesday morning. So far so quick.

Coravin, everyone’s talkin’ ’bout it. In short, It allows you to extract a quantity of wine from a bottle, replacing it with inert gas leaving the rest to age ad infinitum.

Ordered in a bottle of 1998 NSG Les Prûliers from Henri Gouges to try it out; a wine so utterly disappointing last ime out that I felt no risk was taken.

And it’s a great toy; poured a couple of glasses and will wait a couple of weeks to try some more.

As for the wine, initially highly dominated by alcohol, then fills out with air. Still deep and dark of hue. Red and bitter black fruits…a tad short on sweetness and still firm tannins. At the moment good…

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