The Lehman Brothers...architects of total meltdown

The Lehman Brothers…architects of total meltdown

Well, what a let down this was.

I have had a couple of bottles of 1967 Barbaresco from Gaja tucked away in the cellar for a few years now, and last night’s supper of pheasant, truffled polenta (albeit Burgundy truffled) and “le véritable” cresson de Flacey seemed like a fitting dish to serve it up with.

And what a disaster it was! Crystaline clear in the bottle, the Barbaresco’s cork disintegrated and refused to be extracted (an ah-so cork screw attempt ended with flotsam and dust all over my shirt). The minute the the bottle was poured it transformed into a sullen, muddy brown sludge. Oxidised and quite frankly repugnant, it was awful.

I pulled the second bottle hoping for an abberation, but, hélas, purtroppo, they were both just shot. Dead in the water and since a long time.

10091448tSo I poured the Luciano Sandrone Barolo Cannubi Boschis 2005 that was the follow up, and although undoubtedly fine and a mega serious wine, it’s like trying to discuss Descartes with a three year old child: inpenetrable. I think give it twenty years and it will start to show. For now, ferocious acidity, sterling tannins but an undoubtedly classy “matère première“.


Friday night’s dinner of pan-fried squid with chili and shallots, a platter of Fine de Claire oysters and herb crusted cod was delicious,  not least beacause it was washed down with a bottle of Lilbert La Perle Champagne, a 2004 Corton Charlemagne from Louis Latour (good though a tad short on length) and 2012 Tasmanian Chardonnay from The Wine.Society

A bottle of 1963 Cockburns saw off the cheese – with a stunning performance from Shopshire Blue and the return after a 25 year hiatus of Boulette d’Avesne


Happily, for the depth of my cellar, it is not too often that Emily and Ned come to town.

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