It’s a question I often ask myself:

images-1Like Mr Zuckerberg I am making a conscious effort to read again, and looking over my books I stumbled over one I had last read in China almost quarter of a century ago, Bruce Chatwin‘s What am I doing here.

By the time I read it the first time, Bruce Chatwin was dead, but it’s an excellent read. A wide and varied collection of writing – biography, humour,  and storytelling.

Chatwin was one of those lucky people who clearly new everyone and anyone. He had charisma, drive…and the eye.

I once hoped to have the eye but may ultimately have lacked the charisma and drive to complete the set. I am, sadly, less curious about autrui. But as I sometimes struggle to give my stilted and drifting life a real direction; it is encouraging to find comfort in the written word and the charm and complexity of the lives of others.

Now I just have to define an answer.

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