Texture and Depth

Texture and Depth

As I finally break my month long wine fast, I am minded of a constant in the finest wines: texture.

Abandoning a rather lacklustre though honest bottle of Rothschild’s Los Vascos Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, I opened a bottle of Jurij Fiore’s 2005 Il Carbonaione. As always, a lovely wine with its Sangiovese core somewhat hidden by a misleading swathe of fruit and depth. It saves that dry Sangiovese sharpness right for the finish.

However, it is a well made wine and it shows in the texture. Just from the top of my head, such past great tasting sensations as 2000 Latour, 2006 Ornellaia or even, 1991 Vega Sicilia Unico have all posessed it: a kind of unctiousness or velvety syrupy quality, even oily, which underlines the gravitas of their makeup.

It is as if great wine has to have another layer of paint, another veneer to mark it from the rest. It is, I suppose, that extra dimension.

texture |ˈteksCHər|
the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance: skin texture and tone | the cheese is firm in texture | the different colors and textures of bark.
• the character or appearance of a textile fabric as determined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads: a dark shirt of rough texture.
• Art the tactile quality of the surface of a work of art.
• the quality created by the combination of the different elements in a work of music or literature: a closely knit symphonic texture.
verb [ with obj. ] (usu. as adj. textured)
give (a surface, esp. of a fabric or wall covering) a rough or raised texture: wallcoverings which create a textured finish.

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