The Vortex

imagesTo many living in the heart of Burgundy, just a couple of miles from the Côte and some of the world’s most cherished, nay, most worshipped viticultural real estate, would be a wine lover’s dream. The very centre of the vitis vinifera world.

But vortex it is not, at least not in the sense of maelstrom.

How jealous I feel when I think of the chance that so many of my clients’ clients have in  New York, LA or London. Here it’s Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. And that’s your lot.

In Champagne you drink champagne, in Alsace, well, Alsace. In Bordeaux, Bordeaux and in the Rhône, Rhône. It can be quite limiting.  I was in a good, and I mean good, restaurant in Dijon a little while back and the wine list was ten pages long half red, half white. I craved a decent a decent Bordeaux. I was disappointed.

Oh for a beguiling array of choice in a great wine store…wine should always be more mood than obligation. A question of enlightened inspiration.  Am I riesling or am I syrah? Am I Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc?

Lavinia aside, French wine shops generally offer fewer options than those in the UK or the States, or even Germany. Parochialism is the nameof the game.  Choice is a luxury to cherish

But the grass is always Grüner on the other side.

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2 Responses to The Vortex

  1. So you’re stuck in a very fine Dijon restaurnt with a presumably equally fine list of burgundies that have never been transported far from their birthplaces….no sympathy whatsoever for your plight!

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