The Mother Road: A serious proposition


Route 66

So as most of you will know, seven years ago last Friday a speeding idiot lost control of his car, blocked his breaks, veered across an admittedly narrow road hitting me on my bicycle head-on, leaving me legless in Burgundy.

But life has gone on. I have pretty much assimilated the situation, I have a loving family and even a business which is frankly working well.

But I cannot deny a certain full stop in my life, or at least a semi-colon with regards to my ambitions.

Material gain and earthly comfort are all very well, but I had  hoped to mark my earthly passage by more than a full wine cellar and a smart Volvo estate.

So here’s the pitch:

The Mother Road, Route 66

The Mother Road, Route 66

Route 66, Steinbeck’s Mother road, West to East (the wrong way) from Santa Monica to Chicago, by handbike. The goal to raise money for three charities:

Handicap International (not every paraplegic has the advantage of first world health care)

Médecins sans Frontières (frankly, Ebola sucks)

UCL Hospital, London and their research into stem-cell regeneration for spinal injuries

My freedom rider handbike. 27 gears for 4000 clicks

My Freedom-Rider handbike. 27 gears for 4000 clicks

I underline this is a serious proposition because, one, I am serious about it, and two it’s something that needs to be taken and planned very seriously.

Route 66 is some 4000 km, at least a couple of mountain ranges and the Mojave desert to mention just a part of the challenge.

The plan is April to June 2016. So I have a year to work up to this physically and logistically.

For now it’s working out logistics and basic costs. I am going to need support, both material and personal. Once I can get all that sorted out on paper I’ll be trying to drum up some corporate funds…

So watch this space.


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