Qui si mangia bene…

Pici - delicioso!

Pici – delicioso!

And let me not try to kid you, I didn’t really need to drive two thousand kilometres in three days to deal with the domaines of Montalcino.

But it did get me out of the house and I really do love Italy. Che bello paese!

So from Piacienza to Buonconvento to Monalcino I enjoyed three days of what Italy really does do best: simple food with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Martedi: Piacenza – Salumi, braised beef cheek and a serious bowl of crudités salad. Half a bottle of Romagna vino rosso. L’Osteria d’Una Volta

Mercoledi: Buonconvento – Spinach stuffed Ravioli with arraibata sauce, Fennel roasted Guinea-fowl and another fine insalata mista. Formaggio. Almost an entire bottle of Rosso di Montalcino La Gerla 2013. (I felt I had overdone it the next morning. Ristorante Da Mario

Giovedi: Montalcino, Crostino misto, home made pici with porcini, a glass of Barbi 2010 Brunello, a glass of 2013 Luciano Rosso di Montalcino. Osteria La Porta al Cassero.

Buonconvento: Very spicy pici fresci with rigatino, delicious tripe, (then) braised ox-tail and fagioli. I was stuffed. And half a bottle of 2013 Rosso di Montalcino from Salvioni and a glass of grappa. And out of the door for thirty euros – about twenty two quid…Ristorante Da Mario.

Even after 72 hours it was time to come home and get on the hand-bike. Long term time in Italy would make me balloon. An hour and a half today and 32 km’s – so that may have worked off the tripe.

And so, venerdi matino, I loaded up the Volvo – had a quick visit at Montevertine to taste Martino Mannetti’s fabulous Montervertine and Pergole Torte 2012 (alas miserable quantities and all sold out). And it is official, Radda in Chianti and particularly locale Montevertine is the most beautiful place in the world.


– and then stopped off at Coop for essentials, parmesan and tartifatto, truffle oil and biscotti. And then back home via…

…Greve, where i could not resist a trip to the celebrated salumeria – Antica Macellaria Falorni – which has a stupendous and salivating array of all things porcine. I tried to show restraint but left with saucissons, prociuttos and the terrible, sinful, artery-choking but heavenly lardo

Miam, miam.  Dans le porc tout est bon! (everything tastes good in a pig)

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