ISIS: I put it to you…

Isis, or the river Thames at Oxford

Isis, or the river Thames at Oxford

In the good old days, Isis referred to the part of the River Thames flowing through Oxford’s university precincts. No Longer.

As ISIS “pull off” yet another dastardly attack in Tunisia, I put it to you, ahem, to them that their actions are contradictory.

I know little of Islam, and even less of the detail and niceties of the text of the Quran. This said, surely a Jihad, a holy war, must be acted out  on some higher, noble plain? Or at least with some noble, holy plan, or at very least with some higher, holy, noble aims?

Where the nobility in machine-gunning a bus or two of tourists visiting a museum? Ignoble, terrible, and epoch defining as it was, 9/11 showed proof at least of minute and complex execution and planning.

I can’t see the glory in gunning down tourists at a soft target.  But maybe it’s just me.

I mean what do they do at the end of the day? Crack open a beer and congratulate themselves on a hard day’s work?

Frankly, alongside Ebola, Islamic State is the worst thing to have happened in the last eighteen months. And Ebola is not the result of human folly.

My apologies if this appears flippant. I am, in fact, outraged. Again.

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1 Response to ISIS: I put it to you…

  1. Not flippant. Totally on the mark. I keep wishing some Moslem cleric would tell these senseless slayers that they are going to roast forever in the flames of hell. Not holding my breath.

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