An accidental tourist

homepage_heroshot5Having just been one for three days, I have some sympathy with Jay Rayner’s visit to Buppa Gump Shrimp Co. When there is so much else to see and do, doing like other visitors seems entirely forlorn…like the slightly bored faces staring out of vast emporia on La Rambla.

Rayner’s reviews are ofter hilarious, taking swipes at the mighty and haugty, and here at the low. But he is fair, at the end giving credit where credit is due.

I particularly liked,

“Lunch at Bubba Gump is like attending a rave in 1987, only without the music, the drugs or the fun.”


“There’s the blood-orange margarita, shaken at the table in what looks like the central piece of a game of KerPlunk. It tastes of children’s fruit sweets and tooth decay. This, apparently, is the “fun size”. I assume the “depressive” size would come in a cast-iron bucket.”

Supeerior, me? Never! But I wonder whether the slogan on their website, “Because you deserve it!” is not just a smidgen ironic…

Enjoy. And be happy you are not there.

Review: Buppa Gump Shrimp Co, 30 Coventry Street, London

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