images-4The world is ever changing as these two postings on the Wine Searcher website show. The ever increasing influence of China on production and world trade is endemic.

China now has more vineyards than any other country, bar Spain, and limited wine production there is going to be a quality success.

Ok there are a lot of gullets to pour wine down over there, but will Asia’s recent unstoppable (sic) soife be sated by its own production? Better hope not.

But it’s going to get complicated.

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2 Responses to Doomed

  1. I once saw a sad, sad news report in which the fine craftswomen and men who created Italy’s finest printed silks, heirs to generations of exquisite workpersonship, were handed Chinese versions of their silks. Examining closely, they still couldn’t tell which silks were theirs and which cheaper Chinese versions. Will the a future generation of Rothschilds be equally unable to distinguish between Lafite, Mouton, and Chinese versions? Gottdamerung!

  2. Alas, Peter, I do fear for my children. Nothing xenophobic about my fears just that things are getting h-arder and harder for the old world, wine not withstanding, with its high fixed costs and inherited expectations.
    Witness the Chinese produced Iphone; a brilliant, mass-produced machine, dominating its market. Although it should be said, in that case, it’s a US company that reaps the benefit.
    Better wine from everywhere is no bad solution, and it just might cause the Bordelais to offer their wines at a less ambitious level. It might, but it’s far from likely!

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