Which way do you dress?

images-6So in the UK Labour have been drubbed, and the leaders are falling like nine pins. I said to my father a couple of days back that I thought Labour’s definite shift to the left was a mistake.

What was true for Clinton and Blair remains true today. It’s in the centre that elections are won, and stray too far one way or the other and you turn people off. Veer to the right and  you play to people’s fears, swing left and you rely on their goodwill. When push comes to shove, goodwill is whole lot less reliable.

It’s the same everywhere. Sarkozy appealed to the far right in 2012, and lost. Red “Ed” turned to the left in 2015 and he lost. You cannot turn  back the clock to a socialist heaven (sic) of the ninteeen seventies, be it in France, the UK or Greece.

Does anyone believe that Greece’s Syriza government is bound for unlimited success and a golden twilight? Nemesis seems more current thought.

So that Saville Row question seems fair. “Which way do you dress, Sir,”

“To the left, just to the left of centre.” But it’s the “to the left” that counts.

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2 Responses to Which way do you dress?

  1. Chris Davis says:

    I’d agree, broadly, but if you (we) are correct, why aren’t the Libs stronger?
    All the best,

    • Chris,
      My apologies I didn’t see your comment. It is indeed a question – and one of which my father dispairs (a long in the tooth Liberal). I have a vague feeling it might be the colour yellow.
      It’s the same over here now. Everyone sensible thinks the Modem talk a lot of sense, but nobody votes for them and so we are stuck with the insufferable Sarkozy or the ineffectual Hollande.


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