Theft, pearls and insults

Hanging...too bloody good for them.  From Goya's Disasters of War

Hanging…too bloody good for them.
From Goya’s Disasters of War

As a trader in fine and rare wines there is little more irritating than wandering hands dipping into palettes of wine as the trundle their way across Europe.

It has now happened four times this year, and this last time they didn’t even bother  to disguise the theft; they just tore the protective film and lifted 6000euros worth of wine.

I am currently about ten grand down for the year. And as insurers will, there is always a technicality. International transport is a chain of different carriers and agents, each link apparently acting with impunity, frankly an impunity that defies my understanding. Someone, somewhere (in this case in Belgium) knows at which point the wines were taken; will someone be scolded, taken to hand or hung, drawn and quartered?

No, because for once the insurance will pay out, but it will only pay the purchase cost, not the replacement or sales cost, and I still have to supply the wine. Meaning I take a hit and that’s not even counting the time wasted to try and find the wine again. By definition rare, the wines will no dout cost me more than I sold them for.

Will the miscreant appreciate that case of 100 point Cerbaiona, the 60 bottles of Gaja & Rey Chardonnay (at 110 euros a pop) or 2012 Cornas from Clape? I doubt it and that is perhaps worse than the crime.

Pearls before swine; if I weren’t such a pathetic liberal, I’d say sting ’em up. Or at least flog ’em.

My lawyer is chomping atthe bit.

Yours, exasperated of Dijon.

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