Cam Dram

david-cameron_1939896cI am not much of a fan of David Cameron, but then I am not not much of a fan either. He leaves me tepidly unmoved.

But I do sympathize with him regarding the tax-avoiding little schemer that is Lord Ashcroft…snivelling, story-telling little shit.

This from the Guardian seems fair,

“The book also contains allegations, sourced to the rightwing political journalist James Delingpole, a contemporary of the Cameron’s at Oxford, that the future PM smoked cannabis at university.

Delingpole wrote on Tuesday that he was surprised at the fuss. “Apparently I’m the first person in history to have gone on the record about taking drugs with a British prime minister. But it’s really no big deal is it?” he wrote for the Spectator.

“In fact, I think it’s one of those perfect non-scandal scandals in which all parties benefit. Dave acquires an extra bit of hinterland and is revealed to have been a normal young man. I get 100 more Twitter followers and a couple of columns. No one is hurt because, let’s face it, smoking drugs at university is a healthy expression of youthful curiosity.”

It’s all those freako, career-safe politicians who have never done drugs who should really worry us.

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