Black and white not grey

It is a beautiful planet, so let's try to keep it that way

It is a beautiful planet, so let’s try to keep it that way

Mostly things are grey, a mixture of opinions of black and white. In one thing however, the world is perfectly split in two: litter.

Some people drop litter others don’t. It’s not something you do sometimes, you either do or you don’t. Black and white.

I was out on the wannabe Harley-Davidson electric all terrain wheelchair today, scooting down the local country lanes with Duplo  and I am just amazed.

What goes through people’s minds as they finish their bottle of Coke, beer, Evian, lower their window and toss the empty article onto the verge. The virgin verge, resplendant in purest, natural, unsullied green?

Do they believe in fairies? Or gnomes that live in the woods who come out at night and clear up all their mess? What are their homes like? And are their cars so sacred that an empty fag packet or water bottle cannot be put in a bin at the end of their journey?

Worse is the probability that they don’t care. How can you not care  about that?

It’s a mystery to me.

On the plus side as I was grumbling to myself like a deranged member of UKIP (tautology there perhaps) I did stumble across a bench of Judge’s Wig mushrooms (nice collective noun there, eh?), so at least I have a tasty omelette coming my way.

Shaggy Ink Cap or Judges Wig mushroom

Shaggy Ink Cap or Judge’s Wig mushroom

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