More Sherry, chérie?

vm-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8-1An interesting piece on the future of fortified wine here on Wine Searcher. I confess I fear for the long term relevance of Port and Madeira, in the same way as I fear for Sauternes.

We no longer enjoy La Grande Bouffe as we once might, and the spectre of the breathalyser dampens the lust for a final round at the dinner table. Sweet wines and digestifs are the victims of this dilemma.

Efforts to introduce new facets for the all of these in an interesting marketing challenge.

The tragedy is that all four, port, sherry, Madeira and Sauternes, all offer such a joyous wealth of styles and opportunity.

Of them all, and at last, sherry does definitely offer some bright hope…but only, alas, for the interested and the cogniscenti. Consumers of sherries as an apéritif are generically more interested in wine, per se and as an intellectual proposition, than prosecco swilling hordes more interested in consuming.

But that may just be snobbery. on my part; and don’t get me wrong Prosecco very definitely has its place, both in my cellar and in my Spritz…

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