First roll to the mother road


I Colli Veronesi from the comfort of my living room

Winter training inside on the home trainer has tended to be regular and fast, with a slightly unrealistic average of 22 km’s per hour. The figures tended to flatter until today when I at last managed to get my new Elite Real Tour home  trainer hooked up to a lap top and off I rode, up into the hills of the Veneto from Bardolino to Verona.

In all, 42 km’s with an elevation of some 400 metres. It is a very cool piece of kit. As the road rises or descends the resistance increases and decreases in real time. While it’s too cold and wet to be outside on the real road, it’s a really dynamic way to keep me trim and busy.

And today, those 42 kilometres in two hours and forty eight minutes, an average pedalage of seventy five per minute and a heart rate of one hundred and forty two. Two thousand three hundred kilo calories nad thitty five percent fat..

What’s more, apparently using a combination of Google Earth and a GPS on my phone I can download the actual routes I cycle in the “hood”. If I get myself a Gopro camera I can synchronize everything and ride the routes real time come hell or high water.

Apart from rendering the exercise more interesting, if and when I get onto the Mother Road, it won’t be pancake flat like riding a hometrainer, so riding hills and roads around Italy, Europe and even a 72 km ride in Colorado is going to be good practice.

And as for the Veneto I can indulge my imagination by calling in on Gian Paulo and Francesco at Quintarelli or Romano at dal Forno…

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