The Bare Necessities


A favourite bear

As I was out riding the hills of the Veneto yesterday, I was listening to Desert Island Disks, and specifically those of the Irish writer Coim Toibin. It’s a really good episode.

As time rolls on, I seem increasingly less well-read, and I had not heard of him before; I intend to correct that.

However, what was an interesting point was his philosphy of not having a philosphy of life. Pretty spot on. I have long aped to follow the advice of MMax Ehrman’s Desiderata, but trying to follow one philosphy is incredibly hard. It’s an ideal rather than a reality. My condition has shown me, life is constant flux, and constant flux means compromise. Constant compromise.

As Benjamin Hoff explains in The Tao of Pooh, the way of the Bear is simple and you cannot fight against the wave. If only Baloo’s was easy.

To have a goal and guidelines is all very well, but reality is a much more complicated.

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