Fair dinkum, mate


A Humourous Australian, not savaged by this Croc

I confess I have never tasted their wines, but Mollydooker have long been a subject of earnest, no frenetic debate amongst those who care on vinuous bulletin boards across the globe.

mollydooker |ˈmɒlɪˌduːkə|
noun Austral. informal: a left-handed person.
1940s: from Molly (pet form of the given name Mary) or from the slang term mauley‘hand’ + -dook representing a pronunciation of duke ( sense 2 of the noun) + -er1.

Now, I love to see a man get his knife out, even more so reluctantly. This savagery is tough love at its best

So this, perhaps the most severe set of wine remarks and scores I have ever seen.

Hilarious, unless you work for Mollydooker.

“disturbingly long on the finish” is not something you see very often. Enjoy.


It was almost impossible for me to write notes, much less rate, these jaw-droppingly horrific affronts to Australian wine in a way that didn’t sound completely insulting to the people who made and actually enjoy them. I simply find the entire 2014 Mollydooker range of grape-derived beverages somewhere between simply undrinkable and completely but fascinatingly repulsive. As usual, I actually drank, rather than just tasted, the wines over a couple of days to give them every opportunity to reveal even a glimmer of redeeming value, but, as the old saying goes: live in hope, die in despair. To me these bottlings taste as if they could be made from anything and come from anywhere, so completely untethered as they are from my concept of wine reality.

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