Route 66 1.2: The Tour of the Moon


This road, I rode. Albeit from the comfort of my own home.

So, after several days of struggling with my lap top PC (existencial question: why do people use PC’s and not Mac’s?) I finally loaded up my latest video routes for my home trainer.

Yesterday was the Great Leap Forward. Bardolino to Verona is all very well, 400 metres of climbing and 42 km’s in all, the last 18 of which are all basically downhill. However, if I am to take this project seriously, I need to be up between 60 and 90 km’s per day.

So yesterday I was out West, in Colorado, cycling the famous Tour of the Moon, in and around the Colorado National Monument.

In short, 62 km’s, 921 metres of climbing in 4 hours 36 minutes; pretty respectable for a first attempt, and  bear in mind during that last 12 km descent I have to keep pedaling or the machine stops.

To boot, 3500 calories at an average of 131 heart beats per minute. I’m getting there. I am slightly obsessed that a Tour de France cyclist burns 8000 calories per day, so still quite a way to go.

The virtual ride is quite surreal in a way (sic) because it really does feel as though you are riding the road, passing tourists, the occasional cyclist coming the opposite way and I even overtook a motorcyclist – admittedly waving me through. And the scenery on this route is just fantastic…and I thought Colorado was all pine woods and the Rockies. And Coor’s beer, of course.

15-TM-course-mapFurther investigation offered the Tour of the Moon ride in October…I’m quite tempted.

I’d be doing the 41 mile course. It would be a fitting follow up to the last cycle race I did, the 2007 Gran Colnago in Piacenza. And I would even get a new shirt to replace the one cut open at Dijon’s CHU.

Once I am back out on the road again, really out on the road, the next challenge is Brognon to Beaune – for lunch. I make that about 65 km’s door to door and with a lot less climbing.

My one worry: last night I slept like a log. Doing this day to day for three months, or however long, is another challenge. I nevertheless felt pretty pleased with myself.

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