Bordeaux 2015: Making a Bigger Splash


A Bigger Splash – David Hockney

For die-hard wine nerds this little chart from Liv-Ex makes interesting reading.

Now, we all know that wine criticism is as subjective as an individual palate, but just like taking tasters out of their comfort zone with blind tastings and dark glasses, the spread of opinion here is quite revealing – and from some quite predictable.

First generality, the English, led by Decanter and her-saintliness Jancis Robinson err on the flatter side of exuberance. And it’s nice to see the stubbornly Luddite use of the 20 point scale.

Uniformly, it is clear the vintage is considered good, but in no way does it reach the zany heights of 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2010. This slight dampening of the squib has not yet dented Bordelais optimism, but there is time yet for manipulation.

And then there is Mr S. Our Man in NY, HK, LA, et al, armed with his trusty Ferragamo briefcase and his Lalique 100 Point (“By James Suckling – click here to buy”) glasses, thus assuring us maximum objectivity.

He has always come out first in Bordeaux, ever since the Wine Spectator days, but in this annual battle of the righteous, who shouts first, shouts loudest. Or so he would; but the slight gap between his enthusiasm and the rest, and it is perceptible, makes you wonder. Sightly.

And yes, I’m 100 points on that.

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