The thing about Burgundy…


Come on in, the weather’s crap, but the wines are great!

… Is the weather. As my poor wife comments the morose passage of a Burgundian spring from cold, wet May into cold, wet June and almost into July is both depressing and endless, Unless apparently, you are a vine.

It strikes me that what makes Burgundy exceptional is its weather. It is generally, pretty poor to average.

But from this mediocre mean, springs a higher than average release of desireable, or at very least acceptable vintages.

Moderate summers, without excess ,produce brilliance. Witness 2005 in Bordeaux aand Burgundy. And even the lean years, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 onto 2011, 2012 and 2013 have produced wines that have been, essentially,  commercial successes. We will see what 2015 produces here, but in Bordeaux an exceptional summer was ultimately more patchy than was hoped, or hyped.

Admittedly, the other part of the story is that for Burgundy’s top wines there is so little to go around, and a vintage has to be really, really bad for no one to want it: a 1992 for red, or a 2000 for example. Even the 2000 has picked up fans as it has aged.

Burgundy is then blessed; it blessed with bad weather, it is blessed with small production and it is blessed as it bathes in the flattering (sic) reflection of Bordelais excess. Even as prices rise inexorably, they rise less inexorably than in Bordeaux.

As for 2016, well, for now flowering has hardly started, so the harvest will be at the end of September, and furthermore, with local exceptions, the hard hitting frosts at bud break in early May, have not been as harsh as all that.

So far, so unexceptional.

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