Noblesse oblige

951b8494-7d91-4ba0-9903-4f4baa4e7a11In February I ate in their restaurant; in June I subscribed to their magazine; in July I made a pitch. No joy yet, but at least a reply.

Noble Rot is a refreshing wine organ, not glossy but funky; not glamorous but informed. Where The Wine Spectator is the wine world’s vapid Hello! magazine, and Decanter, though well intentioned, sometimes jarringly incestuous, the Rotters plot a path of concise, informed articles for those not overly concerned with gravitas or wine’s fatal self-regard.

It mercifully lacks the egocentricity of Suckling or the (albeit earnest) all-conquering ambiton of Vinous. It lacks pretension, and that has to be appreciated. It also doesn’t do scores…so what’s not to like?

Brief, pithy and yet not for idiots, it is manna, like their wine list, for those interested in wine, but alienated by dogma.

Subscribe and encourage  a good thing. La Revue de Vins de France it is not.

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