Two wheelers

Manga-Anime-Motorcycle-16As I eat up the tarmac on my handbike (for info, today, 49 km, 2 hrs 56 and 33°  in the shade), I have a lot of time to reflect.

Of course what happened to me between a bicycle and a car is pretty rare, and it is a sad reality that the majority of paraplegics I have met have been injured in motorcycle accidents.

To be honest, the very idea of motorcycles terrifies me. Huge power on two relatively unstable wheels. Motorcycles just make me think of accidents, and inevitably paraplegia. And worse, so often it’s not the motorcyclist at fault, just the most vulnerable.

And as I grind out the kilometres, I am often passed by a motorcycle, usually as my one time tutor, now Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures once said, “driving to capacity”. Each time it makes me wonder if passing my forlorn, handicapped carcass on a trike, makes them put their foot on the brake just a little, a moment’s reflection a thought for safety.

I hope so, because let’s be honest, papaplegia sucks, and the fewer paraplegics the better.

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