Apple: One step beyond reason



White Mischief: Apple’s new wireless Earpods

I remember reading in 2010 that if you had spent the cost of an Ipod  on Apple shares at it’s 2001 release, that $300 would have magically turned into $11,000 by 2010. Big money; if only I’d known.

And every year since Apple have, in one way or another, showered us with gifts, ever more shiny, ever more brilliant ever more desirable. Until now.

In an effort to get ahead of the competition, Apple have released their new wireless earphones. or Earpods. Due for release in late October, these will be retailing for €180 a pair. That’s six times more expensive than their current frankly unreliable offering.

Alas, I would give myself, and I’m being generous, twenty four hours before losing one of them down the back of the sofa, between the car seats or down a convenient drain…That’ll bring me mono sound and a net loss of 90 euros. Not so enticing an eventuality.

dr_starbucks_by_ckyspawnIn the second Austin Powers movie, the Starbucks badge was the insignia of Dr Evil, a symbol of worldwide, insidious domination. There are times, in my own home, where that omnipresent white apple has become an inescapable, oppressive motif . Wherever I look there is an apple, I feel like Patrick Mcgoohan chased by the baloon in The Prisoner.

In the good old days, Apple Macs were the best machines but the battling underdog. Today, they are just omnipotent and omnipresent. The Bullied have become the Bully, and hypocrite that I am, I write this on my Imac, with an Iphone at my side and my Macbook Air on my desk.

But these earphones seem a step beyond reason. I just can’t see the point.

And I am not alone: further comment and mockery.

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