Walk, not run


Pagoda Bordelaise

I received this from a supplier this morning, an offer of LVMH’s first great Chinese effort, 2013 AO Yun.

2013   6 bts  AO Yun – Jean Guillaume Prats for Moët in CHina   229,90 euros per bottle

Now, I have now doubt that everything has been done to make a great wine; Monsieur Prats makes great wine elsewhere, notably at St Estephe’s Cos d’Estournel, and the potential of China to make great wine is well known. However, once again, business trumps good sense, or perhaps good taste.  Jancis’ piece illustrates the strategy well, and also the the contradictions..

This is a Bordeaux blend from vines that are only fourteen years old, and its first commercial vointage is offered at 230 euros. That’s ambitious, and I suspect, in the long term there is little intention to sell the beyond the borders of the Middle Kingdom.

By all acounts the wine is impressive and the location of the winery unique, but I am unsure, even if I could, that I would be splashing that sort of cash so early on. At this point can possessing this wine be possesing anything more than a curiosity?

Fools step in where angels fear to tread.

Appellation Shangri-La is quite nice though, although I am surprised to discover that the place may actually exist beyond the realm of fiction.



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