Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

imagesI have often felt myself apologising for/ to myself for my-non knowledge of Joy Division or  even New Order (sic).  As a teenager i was locked in a torpid round robin of Dire Straits.

Middle of the road, middle class, less than dismal nineteen eighties pop. Less the Thatcher, I earnestly, vigorously underline. In retrospective, there was a lot of not so great, I concur, but there was a lot of great too.

As albums go, Dire Straits, Communiqué and Making Movies were really very good. Particularly the former and the latter. I admit that Love over Gold, and abyss, as deep as abyss can go, Brothers in Arms were really very, very bad. This said, if you just listen to Telegraph Road, turn off all the lights and crank up the sound that track is pretty good too.

For the rest, Mark Knopfler is best forgotten.

In my defence, about two years after the rest, Rutland oblige, I then discovered  The Smiths; and they were really very good, let no one tell you otherwise. Like Joy Division,  they were from Manchester.

Fortunately for me,  and unlike them, I was born in Liverpool, which makes all the difference in the fortune of life. And your view on that is really a question of  from which end of the M62 you hail.

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