Fraternité/ Brotherhood: Legless on 66


The reality in the film is even more violent, and intimidating than this.

Although febrile, the project of Legless on Route 66 is still on, and when I initially dreamt it up, one of the trio of goals was the question of who helps the paraplegics of the third world, or even just those beyond the cushy world of first world healthcare?

Paraplegia sucks, whether you are in Brognon, St Tropez or downtown Mumbai. But as Dante wrote, there are innumerable circles of hell, and as is this rather harrowing film from The Guardian illustrates well, there are better places to disabled, and worse ones.

It is a common complaint that the handicapped think the world owes them a living. It is not so, although as I have seen and read, many do. Accidents happen, the world is unfair and the world’s 20 million population of the spinally injured (so discounting every other neurological or physical handicap) will continue to grow, and die each year.

That is no one’s fault. But a better future is worth working for, and in the case of my confrères in La Paz, fighting for. These some brave folks.


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