A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

Vin des Amis USAt

Should you find yourself not in Clitheroe, but Reims and short of a fine bottle, you should head here. To Les Caves du Forum; there is symbiosis with those Lancashire lads.

Just off Reims’ own Roman forum this wine shop is deep underground (I was helped down à la romaine, as if in a sedan chair) and labyrinthine. It has most of everything from Bordeaux to Beaujolais, Rhône to the Languedoc and Burgundy to Barossa. Yes Barossa.

There is a strong emphasis on organic, bio-dynamie and natural wines and they have just about all the greats. I choked at spending a grand for a bottle of d’Auvenay’s Meursault 1er Cru Les Folatières, settling instead for a couple of bottles of rosé and Clape’s Le Vin des Amis 2015 for JC’s 70th birthday BBQ. (Its colour promised more than it gave, but it still has quite a nice young Syrah nose; all black raspberries and smoke.)

For good measure, some 1960’s trashy comedy here.

Les Caves du Forum, 18, rue Cormeaux, 51100, Reims +33 3 26 79 15 15


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