Thunder and Lightning, very very frightening…


Giorgione – The Tempest

But welcome.

La familigia has been ensconced high in the hills above Greve in Chianti for fifteen days. The only thing higher has been the temperatures…up to 41° and more in the shade and the vines have been suffering.

In conversation with Jurij Fiore of Poggio Scalette a week ago he was serene. Up until the week before the weather had been hot, but manageable. When we spoke yesterday he was less serene. In the space of ten days the trees have turned from green to russet brown and the vines are in extreme stress. He said the vines are at a crisis point.

We have just witnessed a welcome, but extreme summer storm of more than an hour. Darkness at noon, torrential rain and worse, hail.  The hail seems local, and Jurij is unaffected.

It remains to be seen whether this brief episode is anything more than a goblet of water to a parched, d(r)dying vintage. Let’s hope not, as if the heat wasn’t enough, they already lost half the vintage to frost…but then as Simone Billiorsi of La Fornacina once said, Tuscany is so favoured, they have to accept a disaster from time to time.

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