Bad Language


Am I wrong? but it was always drilled into me that consequences are owing to an action rather than due to an action.

I guess it’s like the split infinitive. Acceptable in modern life…but like a pebble in a shoe, difficult to ignore.

I was thinking of this as Ms. ****** ****** MW was roundly dissing a recent tasting analysis I had posted on the WSET Diploma course. Unduly sensitive though I may be, I could not help thinking that though my analysis may not be perfect, nor was her English…

Three “due to’s” in a single paragraph.

Answers on a post card.

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1 Response to Bad Language

  1. peter hellman says:

    You’ve raised an interesting question. Here in the bowels of the le pays sauvage, we’d probably say, “Due to inclement weather, the picnic has been cancelled.” And yet we might also say, “Owing to your bad behavior, you will not be invited back to this table.” Therefore, I’d propose that “owing to” carries a bit of guilt baggage that “due to” does not.

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