Anyone want to join a club?

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Some people really need to Reform their ideas of a good deal

This one is called “The irritating and ridiculous whiskey offers I receive Club” (It could also be “The Someone thinks I’m stupid enough to pay ten Grand for a bottle of Roumier Musigny Club” – but some on this board may have already formed their own own club on that subject, with an alternative take…
Anyway, here’s one for starters,
“Good morning,
“A collection of Macallan single malt whiskies has set a new world record price for any lot of whisky sold at auction, selling for more than HK$7.72m (US$993,000).” – disengenuous as it neither lists the whiskies sold at auction, nor points out the obvious fact that auction prices are no reflection of retail or trade prices (MH)
Wine Source has the pleasure to offer our 3rd full collection of the Legacy Macallan Lallique decanters.
Due to the now extreme rarity of the collection we believe this will be our last.
The collection consists of the following whiskies:
  • Macallan 50yo ‘Exceptional Oak Cask’
  • Macallan 55yo ‘Natural Colour’
  • Macallan 57yo ‘Finest Cut’
  • Macallan 60yo ‘Curiously Small Stills’
  • Macallan 62yo ‘Spiritual Home’
  • Macallan 65yo ‘Peerless Spirit’
Every decanter number is in the PDF attached alongside pictures.
More detailed pictures are available upon requests.
The selling price is 490,000 Euros ( GBP accepted at the daily FX rate) as per the PDF.
Terms are as follow:
-Payment on proforma.
-Allow 3-4 weeks delivery
Offer subject to final confirmation E & O.E.
I’ll save Jonathan the humiliation of naming his company – and there is something so very Suckling about owning (or having so little taste to want to own) six Lalique decanters. All yours for half a million quid. Priorities, priorities!
…and here’s nother from this afternoon, although it does include gratis (sic) a very useless looking brush, a coaster, what appears to be an ash tray or soy sauce bowl, a very small bottle of soy sauce (?) and what is either a Moleskin special edition notebook or a book on the whiskey, which frankly you will never read and is pretty small change (and a rather small book) for the price…but then how much can you actually write about a single cask of whiskey?
I like they way they have adressed it to their “Friends” (with friends like that…) and that you can have photos on request. Er,???
Dear friends,

We are very pleased to offer the below Karuizawa:

1 * Karuizawa 1965 – 50 YO Bourbon Cask 8636 at 22995 euro

Photos on request.

Post your offers. Me and a couple of NYC collegues are creating a collection, which one day we hope to publish and sell as a $1500 special edition. No really, no idea in the modern world of alcoholic beverage sales is too stupid.

Let me know,
ps. If you still really want to buy, I will sell these to you for a small commission! I’ll take just 5 points on the Macallan ‘cos I’m a reasonable guy!

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