A big dram


Not a wee one. I refer to my previous post, “Does anyone want to join a club?” in which I bemoaned the absurd, prohibitive offers of whisky, et al, that I receive. And that presumably someone thinks I have clients stupid enough for.

Well, after receiving an offer of fifty year old Macallan at 140 k euros last week, I thought I would contact the distillery to find out how much it actually costs. They replied and now I know.

The whisky was been released on the market in 2006 with a recommended retail price (nb. not a cost price) of $6,000. Last Friday’s price is the equivalent, more or less ,of $160,000. So someone, somewhere is tucking away a tasty margin of at least 154k – a whacking 2,500%! That makes Apple’s share price since the birth of the iPod look like peanuts.

I do not contest the Macallan PR department’s insistence on its brilliance, but a bottle of whisky officially contains 189 US drams of whisky (3.7 ml). That would make it $798 a dram. However, I do wonder when and how the last person managed to squeeze 198 servings out of a bottle of whisky. I reckon tops you could probably get thirty, so we’ll call that a cool 5,30 k a glass.

They say that great whisky is something to think and reflect on. I can certainly agree with that here, but not in a good way.

So now you know. It’s a mug’s game, the booze business.


Macallan 50-year-old: $798 a dram, officially

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