Legless on Route 66

Amboy, Kalifornien, USA, Hist. Route 66

At least parts of it will be flat

As assiduous followers will remember I have ambitions to handcycle Route 66, in the wrong direction, from Santa Monica to Chicago.

Unlike Nat King Cole, I won’t be getting my kicks on Route 66, just eating up 4000 klicks. Ostensibly, and this is the goal, to raise some cash for three favoured charities: Médecins sans Frontières, Handicap International and UCL Hospital. I’ll explain the specific reasons for these choices later.

The goal at present is to accomplish this between the beginning of April and the end of June 2017. At 50 km’s a day, that’s 80 days. It would be great to do it in less.

It’s a big project, complicated by obvious physical and logistical issues.

I am going to need help, from occasional drivers of a camper van, preparation and advice on realizing the project itself to the obvious goal of actually raising funds. I would welcome any advice or suggestions, be they private or corporate.

I will be regularly updating and posting on this page as and while I advance.

I hope some out there will be able to help me and join in.