The Sleep of Reason breeds Monsters

The Sleep of Reason breeds Monsters is plate no. 43 to Francicso Goya‘s series of etchings called “Los Caprichos” or The Caprices. The work includes owls that may be symbols of folly and bats symbolising ignorance. The artist’s nightmare reflected his view of Spanish society, which he portrayed in the Los Caprichos as demented, corrupt, and ripe for ridicule.


Goya’s life met optimism, greatness, injustice and despair; this series, and this plate in particular correlate to much of the ills besetting the modern wine market: ignorance, snobbery and greed; prices gone mad, values forgotten.

The posts here reflect on wine, the market and its direction. Also occasional inpromptu and irrelevant thoughts and ideas.

The positive and the negative, the precise and the vague, macerating together. So please, read on…


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